Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 Essential Items Every Fashionista Needs for Summer 2014.

Personal style is essential for everyone, especially for girls. Having a sense of style will convey the seriousness of the work you put out, as well as increasing self-confidence, and establishing a personal style/brand. 

Fashion is a part of my daily life— from reading blogs and watching the latest trends to setting some of my own. I’ve even taken on a new challenge by being a personal stylist to friends.I love that fashion gives me confidence and allows me to incorporate various items into my own sense of style. 

With Summer 2014 approaching (but not fast enough), here are a few essential items that any fashionista needs in her closet all in one outfit.


  1. Maxi Dress- You always, ALWAYS need a fun maxi-dress. Easy to slip and to dress up, if necessary, maxi-dresses show femininity and give summer days LIFE. I always feel my best when I have on some type of dress. It is dressy, but still casual to go about on a date or hanging out with family.

  2. Sandals- To pair off the outfit, a nice flat sandal will do. Feeling the breeze and the sand within your toes makes summer worth it. This sandal will allow you to enjoy, without worrying about aching feet from heels or wedges.

  3. Bags- This item is necessary for all occasions. Usually I wear oversized purses, but with this outfit I wanted to try something different. This small cross-body frees your arms and does not weigh you down like a heavy purse will.

  4. Sunglasses- With the sun beaming, a pair of sunglasses can keep your eyes from squinting and will really add to the outfit. I love, love oversized round frame sunglasses. This has always been my go-to pair.

  5. Lipstick- I’m not a huge make-up wearer, but I’m definitely a fan. Lipstick is vital for color and moisture wherever you might go. (SN: Dark plum shades are my favorite and MAC has some of the best lipsticks out.)

Honorable mentions: Statement jewelry is always needed, but not in this outfit. When an outfit needs some jazzing up, statement jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, etc., are the go-to items.

I’ve personally styled this outfit with convenience in mind; so, all items are located in stores and online. I just purchased this dress from Forever 21 and cannot wait to put it on for a summer day and hit the town!

 Having a personal style does not mean you have to degrade or devalue your self-worth. Find a style, embrace that style, and work it, girl!

(photo credit: Maxi Dress | Sandals | Crossbody Bag | Sunglasses | Lipstick)

About the contributor: Jailyn Glass is a junior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations, and minoring in Applied Statistics at Grand Valley State University. In her spare time, she can be found looking up information on fashion trends, the latest entertainment news, and finding dance choreography through blogs and YouTube.

Connect with her on Twitter at @JailynGlass

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